Spoken Word

Stage performance has been a fundamental part of my creative development. I’ve played book festivals, science festivals, horror festivals, music festivals, museums and art galleries, a reconditioned porn cinema and a great number of packed pub back rooms. I’m always open to gig offers.

My sets feature very short fiction and have developed to include original soundtracks I compose. The examples below are more experimental and disjointed than those you can expect to hear live.

If you are interested in spoken word with music, you might enjoy award-winning project, The Reader Remix. I also teach spoken word performance skills.

Hive Mentality

A flash fiction that didn’t quite work in its original form. I chopped it up and rearranged the parts to tell a subtly different story. With many bees.

gavininglis · Hive Mentality


This began as an experiment in randomised resequencing of story and music for cult radio station The Dark Outside. I allowed a little human intervention in order to make the most of this version.

gavininglis · Inkmouth

Owl Scars

A multi-voice project from lockdown with my performance mob Writers’ Bloc. Individual pieces were chopped up and collaged for eerie effect. The writers/voices in order are Rhiannon Grist, Ali Maloney, Josh Holton, me and Jane McKie.

Writers’ Bloc · Owl Scars

The Seaside Poltergeist

One of the more understated tales in my collection Crap Ghosts. This version has no music; just a little added atmosphere.

gavininglis · The Seaside Poltergeist