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Games have always fascinated me, and in particular the ways games explore story. We are in an exciting period for storytelling in games. Here are some of my contributions.

Fallen London

Discover a subterranean Victorian London, rich with Gothic intrigue and deep interactive narrative, created by Failbetter Games. My stories are The Sinking Synod, Lamentation Lock, The Calendar Code and The Art of Murder.

Hana Feels

Something is bothering Hana. Can you work out what it is and help her feel better? An interactive story where you direct the conversations and peek into Hana’s journal to see the results.

Neighbourhood Necromancer

Recruit an undead army. Wreak teenage revenge on the suburbs. Find strange romance in unexpected places. Deal with unwanted house guests. Decide whether or not to punch a suspicious-looking squirrel.

Sunless Sea: Zubmariner

Dive to a realm of wonder, horror and strictly limited oxygen reserves. My port is the sunken church of Low Barnet, where sailors fight eerie rap battles to gain access to something they should leave well alone.

For Rent: Haunted House

A novel-length interactive story set in Edinburgh, where you attempt to extract as much money as you can from tenants while under the eye of your tyrannical boss. There is just one tiny complication…

Zombies, Run!

Naomi Alderman and Six To Start’s revolutionary fitness game, an ongoing audio drama you experience while you run away from zombies. I’ve been on the writing team since Season Three.

Hunt The Poem

A poetry-themed treasure hunt and alternate reality game running across Edinburgh during February 2010. Could you solve the puzzles and help us rebuild Elizabeth Galbraith’s lost poem?