Writing Fiction for New Media

This is an exciting time to be a writer. Self-publishing and ebooks have toppled the old gatekeepers of publishing, and “digital storytelling” is now a key skill for a variety of creative careers. Yet the possibilities offered by new forms of story are only beginning to be explored.

This ten-week evening class at the University of Edinburgh presents a range of creative opportunities for the writer of fiction. Discover branching narrative, environmental storytelling, games, mysteries and hypertext. Embed a story in a landscape, write a character who responds to the reader, or devise a game which generates its own stories.

You’ll work on a personal project throughout the term, creating something you feel excited about through a structure which will encourage steady development. And you'll receive useful feedback in a friendly, supportive environment.

Although this course has definite digital elements, no technical knowledge is necessary. Basic IT skills (email, word processing, web use) will expand the range of options available to you, but the entire course can be completed with only pen, paper and persistence.

The tutor, Gavin Inglis, is a professional writer of interactive fiction and games, with a background in traditional fiction and spoken word. His work ranges from sensitive treatment of mental health issues to colourful zombie rampages.