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I’ve been compelled by hypertext ever since I found a copy of Sugarcane Island in the children’s section of Paisley Library. Years later I got into text adventure games and wrote those on the BBC Micro. Then came a hypertext tool called Guide, and then the web changed everything.

I always meet people who dismiss the potential of interactive storytelling, but I can’t help exploring it. Literary theory leaves me cold; I just want to build things.

Same Day Test

Time becomes very significant for Tom while waiting for the results of an HIV test. A fiction written in HTML and Perl.

Mr. Tokyo

The unconventional, non-consensual memoir of a highly unusual secret agent. Driven by code; readable but still needs more work.

Lately I've been experimenting with Inform 7, a way to write text adventure games in plain English. I also love what Choice Of Games are doing on my mobile phone.